Who are MFT Global?

MFT is a health and fitness company; we license out a successful Personal Training & Bootcamp business model, that we have grown in the north of England for the last 7 years.

MFT is a UK-based health and fitness company, founded in 2009 by Jon Reynolds and David Cooke, two former serving British Army Officers. Using precision planning skills and with high standards, honed by their time in the Military, Jon and Dave have picked apart the physical and psychological demands of being active and built a number of physical fitness training services around the results. Whether it be licensing their outdoor fitness product or designing new and innovative programmes, MFT emphasise the importance of business know-how, they give support to their personal trainers, provide proven formulae, expert training knowledge and the business tools needed to go and be a success.

No bootcamp stereotypes and cliches. It’s time you were shown how the Officers, the Army’s thinkers and leaders do it – smarter, with purpose and always for a reason.

“MFT applies a Military mindset, a winning approach to life forged over hundreds of years, to advanced fitness practices to create 4 Dimensional (4D) Fitness. 4D, derived from the 3 planes in which the body can move (sagittal, frontal, transverse) in addition to the the 4th psychological dimension. This approach to fitness will lead you to success in life, in business and in physical performance.” – Jon Reynolds, Co-founder

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