1. Being Your Own Boss

Own your own fitness business

How to be your own boss with MFT Global

Build your own successful fitness business and be your own boss using our knowledge & experience to gain faster results. Whether you fund it or you get funding through our Government scheme this is just the ticket for you to reach your end goal – being happily self employed and in charge of your own decisions. Watch the video to find out who were are.


So either you’re ex military personnel or a personal trainer looking for a business opportunity to give you financial independence.

Me? I’m Jon, ex military, I spent years training soldiers on one of the toughest military courses in the world…have trained professional sports teams pre season…and ran a civilian bootcamp business of up to 110 members!
Having run my own bootcamp business, I have coined a precise formula for building clients and running outdoor fitness classes efficiently and profitably.
I want to share this with you. I get the same buzz from helping aspiring business people achieve their goals, as I did with clients!

MFT Global is a business opportunity that has already been sculpted for you.
It costs just £4000, with no ongoing fees, but plenty of ongoing support.
You get £12,000 worth of goodies; personal trainer course and qualification, fitness equipment, uniform, one of our fitness websites, social media support, templates and client forms (checked by a lawyer), outdoor bootcamp ideas & ‘Business Wingman’ (your online business mentor, helping you from setting up your fitness business to growing your client base).

If the opportunity is right for you after an initial chat with MFT HQ then you’ll pay a 20% fully refundable deposit (£800) to secure your location. Following the 14-day cooling off period, which you can wave by the way, you’ll pay the balance (£3200) and you’ll access the full support of our team.


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