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Former British Army Officer & Paratrooper
Level 3 Personal Trainer, FASTER Training Expert & MFT Master Trainer
I served for 6 years in the British Armed Forces and joined the fitness industry in 2009.

Favourite Past time = Family time
Favourite Sandwich = Steak (no bread, of course)
Favourite Film = Star Wars episodes IV, V, VI & VII
Spender or Saver = Oh, definitely spender
Breakfast or Dinner = I’m a breakfast man for sure (sets you up for the day)
Sun or Snow = I wouldn’t miss snow, but I’d miss the sun
Most important trait in a colleague = Social confidence – everything else comes afterwards!

I know that by sticking to what you believe in you will get to where you want to be. I want to help you feel the same way.

I believe by being confident you can go on and achieve great things. I also believe that if something is worth doing it’s worth doing for you; the whole reason I’m in this business is to change the way the fitness industry looks and feels.

I want to create true independence in people by giving them what they need to go and succeed by themselves. I want trainers to look objectively at what they do and be able to make informed decisions about their future, whether that’s opening their own facility or working inside someone else’s.

I like questioning the traditional methods in fitness and as such find myself fighting against the grain sometimes. I don’t see why we should just accept things the way they are, particularly if there is a better way.

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Former British Army Officer
Level 3 Personal Trainer, FASTER Training Expert & MFT Master Trainer
I served for 10 years in the British Armed Forces and have now been in the fitness industry since 2012.

Favourite Past time = Watching the rugby
Favourite Sandwich = Chicken salad
Favourite Film = Deer Hunter

I believe that exceptional success comes from exceptional circumstance. By creating those exceptional conditions through hard work, diligence, commitment and consistency you will achieve your goals and reach your potential. I am involved in a powerful industry where the Trainer has direct influence over everyone he/she meets or trains; I wish to show you how you can master this and make positive changes within the industry and set yourself aside as a truly exceptional Trainer.

Growing the business has not been easy, I have made mistakes, flogged “dead horses” and felt defeated, but I apply the basics, remind myself of what works and stick with it. I always rely on brand “ME”; you can’t be someone you are not so understand you, take your time, create something you believe in and you will be successful. I want to mentor you and guide you through so that you may enjoy your vocation.

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